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Savor The Season: August and Everything After



For our menu & recipes, see links at the end of the article.

By Suzanne Virgilio

There is nothing better than enjoying food and drink with friends during the month of August. The mid-summer nights are perfect for entertaining in the yard and setting a long communal table for dinner. That was the plan for our first ever “Savor The Season” event We would invite 25 of our good friends, set a table in the grass and light the fire to make paella.

Let me start by saying that our family loves to cook and entertain. Cooking great food for ourselves is always nice, but seeing others enjoy our recipes is what makes entertaining worth the effort. And when you are hosting a dinner party for 25 guests, there is a lot of effort that goes into it.

Gathering recipes for a menu, grocery shopping, prepping the food, setting tables and stocking the bar. Fortunately, we have son our Calvin and our baker and friend Dea to help with the cooking. Calvin’s wife, Lisa, would take care of decorating and setting up the outdoor ambiance.

Since we’d be cooking paella, I wanted the menu to stick with Mediterranean theme. I decided that a crostini with goat cheese, figs, Serrano ham and mint would be a tapas style dish that could be prepped ahead and served quickly. We also made two other appetizers, a salmon and dill ceviche, and warm brie with roasted red peppers, pine nuts, olives and golden raisins. For the salad, I made a Spanish mixed green salad with toasted almonds and a citrus vinaigrette. For dessert, we would finish the evening with a light and simple recipe for a salted caramel panna cotta.


This was going to be a lot of work, of course, but cooking to us never feels like work. As soon as we start mincing our aromatics and sautéing them in olive oil, the work ends and the enjoyment begins. We’ll of course be tired by the end of cooking everything, but that is when the party starts and the wine is corked. And all of the sudden, we get our second wind when guests arrive. It’s now Saturday evening, and the sun is shining, the fire is lit and the table is set. We’ve been blessed with a perfect mid-summer night for entertaining, and we’re going to savor every last bit of it before it ends.


The Menu & Recipes:

Crostini with Goat cheese,  Serrano Ham, Figs & Mint

Salmon and Dill Ceviche

Warm Brie with Pine Nuts, Olives & Golden Raisins

Spanish Mixed Green Salad with Toasted Almonds and Citrus Vinaigrette

Seafood Paella

Salted Caramel Panna Cotta



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